Gastronomy Comporta & Melides

Gastronomy Comporta & Melides

Let’s dive deeper into the Gastronomy in Comporta & Melides and decipher which restaurants are worth checking out. You might think since you are visiting or moving to Comporta or Melides, you will have to eat traditional Portuguese food. I highly recommend trying a few local dishes, such as:

  • Portuguese Cod Fish
  • Caldo Verde
  • Portuguese Sardines
  • Chicken Piri-Piri
  • Portuguese Cured Ham (Porco Preto)
  • Bifanas
  • Pastel de Nata (dessert)

These dishes will allow your taste buds to experience what local Portuguese families eat quite regularly. It’s always fun and exciting to dive into the culture that you are visiting or moving to eat and drink the local dishes that the authentic Portuguese families are serving. It might look a little different than the way you prepare your food at home but be a little adventurous.

Portuguese codfish can be prepared over 365 different ways, which is a different way for every day of the year if you fancy it that much. Many people eat it salted and if you are looking for it at the supermarket it might be called Bacalhau.

Caldo Verde is one of the most popular dishes in Portugal and comes from the north. It is a soup that is mainly eaten in the winter months; however, you can enjoy it year-round. This soup includes a dark green cabbage that cannot be found easily outside of Portugal. Therefore, you will notice that the color of the soup is a dark green. You will enjoy flavors of potato, sausage, and olive oil amongst the green cabbage. This is a must-try!

Portuguese sardines are a summer favorite for the majority of the Portuguese people here in Portugal. It is a very popular dish at many of the festivals across Portugal.

You have probably heard of chicken piri-piri, which came from Portuguese voyagers who traveled through Africa and discovered a spicy chili pepper, which was known as the Piri-Piri pepper. Now you can find chicken piri-piri throughout all of Portugal and it is mainly served with fries or chips.

Porco Preto is a cured ham that is a favorite here in Portugal. You will find Porco Preto in tapas and other authentic dishes throughout the different areas of Portugal.

Bifanas is a glorified sandwich, which is the national sandwich of Portugal. These sandwiches are pork-based and are served on crispy bread. The pork is marinated in white wine, garlic, and paprika to produce the delicious taste.

You have to try the local dessert, I don’t care what diet you are following. Pastel de Nata is made differently depending on the pastry soup that you go to. However, it is an egg tart that is creamy, sweet and can be a little tart. You will likely be addicted after the first bite. Many Portuguese people enjoy this tart with a cup of strong Portuguese coffee to start their day. All of these lovely food options can be found in Comporta & Melides and I highly recommend enjoying each one of them at some point.

Restaurants in Comporta to try:

  • Cavalariça Comporta
  • Museu do Arroz
  • São João
  • Piadinas Zanotta
  • Comporta Café

Restaurants in Melides to try:

  • Tia Rosa
  • O Fadista
  • Flor do Sal

Now go out and indulge in some great Portuguese favorites based on the opinions of people who are born here and opinions from other travelers.

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