120 ha Forestry with Buildings

120 ha Forestry with Buildings

120 ha Forestry with Buildings

Reguengo and S. Julião, Portalegre

Located 20 km from Portalegre and 19 km from Marvão in the Natural Park of the Serra de São Mamede, the estate is mostly occupied by wild pine forest from natural regeneration.
The estate stands out for the its exceptional location and the possibility of recovering some buildings in ruins for the construction of second housing or tourism houses.

120 hectares
Built area – about 500 m2
8 rustic buildings + 2 urban buildings

Pinheiro bravo – 110 hectares

• Altitude class: 650 – 700 m
• Exposure class: South
• Slope class: 10-25%
• Annual rainfall: 800 -1000 mm
• Frost (number of days in the year): Between 10 and 20 days
• Daily average air temperature: Between 12.5 ºC and 5 ºC
• Lithology: Shale, gradevaques
• FAO Soil: Dystrical shale changes of schists and quartzites of the Ordovician

Forestry with Buildings

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