Farm for sale in Fundao

Farm for Sale in Fundao

Estate for Sale in Fundao

249 Hectares Forestry and Agriculture
Telhado, 6200, Fundão, Castelo Branco

Located less than 10 km from Fundão and 25km from Covilha, this estate is partially within the hydro-irrigation domain of Cova da Beira.

249 hectares
Consisting of 8 rural properties

In addition to the irrigated agricultural areas with walnut trees, the estate stands out for the forested area with pine, American oak and cork oak.

Walnut trees for fruit production (irrigated) – 32 ha
Walnut trees for wood production (irrigated) – 16 ha
Maritime pine – 32 ha; American oak – 53 ha
Cork oak – 9 ha; Pasture areas – 33 ha
Cherry trees (leased) – 30 ha
Other land uses – 44 ha

• Altitude Class: 400 – 700 m
• Dominant exposure Class: North and Northeast
• Dominant slope Class: 0 – 10 %
• Annual rainfall: 1200-1400 mm
• Frost (number of days in the year) – Between 40 and 50 days
• Daily average air temperature – Between 10 ºC and 12,5 ºC
• Lithology: Granites and related rocks; Shales, grauvaques
• FAO Soil: Leutical lithic Leptosols associated with levistic Luvisols

Farm for Sale in Fundao

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