Farm for sale in Pinhel

Farm for Sale in Pinhel

Estate for sale in Pinhel

315 Hectares Forest and Agriculture
Pinhel, 6400, Guarda.

315 hectares
Residential and agricultural buildings, water and electricity.

12 km from Pinhel and crossed by the municipal road 324 that connects Pinhel to the IP2 highway and 30km from Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo.

The estate stands out for its strong agro-sylvo-pastoral aptitude where the extensive area of irrigated almond tree is its maximum exponent.

Almond trees (irrigated) – 21 hectares
Walnut for wood and Poplar (irrigated) – 7 hectares Cork oak (pure or consociated) – 183 hectares Maritime pine – 43 hectares

• Altitude: 500 – 600 m
• Altitude Class: East and Northwest
• Dominant slope Class: 0-10% Smooth

• Annual rainfall: 500 – 600 mm
• Frost (number of days in the year) – Between 60 and 70 days
• Daily average air temperature – Between 10 ºC and 12,5 ºC
• Litologia: Shales, grauvaques
• Lithology: Haplic Luvisols

Farm for Sale in Pinhel

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