Estate with Forestry and Pasture

Estate Forestry Pasture

Large Estate with Forestry and Pasture

130 Hectares Forestry and Pasture
Fundao, Castelo Branco

12 km from Fundão and 16 km from Covilhã. It confines the Northeast and Northwest in Ribeira da Meimoa.
The estate is covered by the Irrigation Perimeter of Cova da Beira and stands out for its beautiful natural landscape from where stand out the formations of black oak and the fertile agricultural areas.
Carvalho Negral – 94 hectares
Irrigated – 28 hectares
Built Area – 833 m2

An exceptional landscape, with 6 buildings

• Altitude class: 400 m
• Exposure class: No exposure limit
• Slope class: 0-5% Smooth
• Annual rainfall: 1000-1200 mm
• Frost (number of days in the year) – Between 30 and 40 days
• Average daily air temperature – Between 10 ºC and 12.5 ºC
• Lithology: Granites and related rocks (near the river) and Shale, gradevaques (in the remaining area)
• FAO only: Dystrical

Estate Forestry Pasture

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